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Whether you live in Rochester or just visiting the area, what do you do when you need to find information about a new restaurant, area concerts, sporting events, or any other area of local interest? Well, you can consult any of the city’s newspapers or check out a few local websites; but the best blogs that Rochester residents prefer might be the best source.

Well before the top Rochester blogs were even a twinkle in the eyes of their creators, the blogs were nothing more than internet diary entries that were written by very few people. That’s the humble way that blogging began during around 1993, but online prose was only a few years from blowing up.

However, it wouldn’t take long before web diaries caught on, and by 1997, they became known as “web logs.” However, that term was apparently too cumbersome for more simple folk, which resulted the neologism being shortened into the portmanteau “blog.” Since that time, the popularity of blogging has propelled into the mainstream, where everyone from well-known journalists and professional bloggers to basement dwellers and grandmothers everywhere embraced it.

Today, residents in cities like Rochester often depend on blogs for information on things as diverse as restaurants, sporting events, concerts, coupon deals, pizza places, and news. The blogs Rochester citizens depend on are also useful to visitors, as they can offer invaluable advice on the best Rochester hotels.

The blogs Rochester’s citizens value most are the ones that are useful to anyone. It’s just a matter of going on line and simply search “Rochester blogs” and you will find the best Rochester blogs around.

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