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The Best Deals in Rochester!

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Rochester is a small to medium-sized city of approximately 210,500 people as of the 2010 United States Census. Although its population and industrial production have steadily decreased over the last half century, Rochester’s economy didn’t suffer during the Great Recession like other most other American cities.

While some people say that Rochester’s economy didn’t have far to drop, others contend that Rochester’s chief industries … health care and education … helped to spare from the worst impact of the recession. Although Kodak filed bankruptcy, and Xerox and Bausch and Lomb have moved their headquarters to different cities, education and healthcare have replaced manufacturing as Rochester’s key industries.

Unfortunately, both of the above explanations are true, as finding good jobs in Rochester is was hardly worse during the recession as it was before or after. Basically, unless you work in health care, technology, or, to a lesser extent, education, your prospects of finding a good job with benefits in Rochester are slim. For this reason, thousands of Rochesterians have no choice but to work two or three jobs in the service industry to make a living.

Since it’s difficult for parents to raise a family on $16,000 per year, more people than ever depend on Rochester deals and Rochester coupon websites to help them to make ends meet. The best Rochester coupon sites offer daily deals on everything from groceries and auto maintenance to pizza deals and entertainment. After all, even people struggling to get by deserve a little fun and pizza now and then!

If you or someone you know could really use some great Rochester deals, the best place to look is online. While the daily and weekly deals may vary, every little bit helps. Thus, keeping up with the specific Rochester coupons available is an easy way to save a lot of money. Additionally, some of the leading websites offer more than Rochester deals, but even offer sources for Rochester employment.

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