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Neo Magnets to meet any business need

Since first being developed in the early 1980s, neo magnets have become the most commonly used type of rare earth magnet. They are also they the strongest kind of permanent magnet in use today. Neo magnets are formed when neodymium, iron and boron are combined into an alloy, giving off an intense magnetic field. Because they are so strong, they can do the same job that much larger magnets can do, all while helping to save valuable space.

Neo magnets are one of the most versatile types of magnets on the market today, with applications that are ad varied as anything else. Some companies put neo magnets in computer hard drives. Music companies use them for the magnetic pickups in an electric guitar or bass. Speakers, electric generators and many types of cordless tools all make use of these incredibly powerful magnets.

Any business that is looking for high quality neo magnets will want to make sure that they purchase their supply from a business that can help to meet their needs. Whether one is looking for a magnet that can lift just under a pound, or they require the force to lift something much heavier, these powerful permanent magnets are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The two most common configurations that neo magnets are available in are discs and blocks.

Neodymium magnets can be used in place of buttons and zippers for many different kinds of popular products. From purses and portfolios to jackets and cosmetic cases, these magnets can be inserted into any lid, cover or casing to ensure a tight seal. Whether one wishes to add them to their own products, or they just want to be able to efficiently tack things up around the office, these powerful neo magnets will easily be able to help get the job done.

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