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Things to Like about Rochester NY

Rochester NY is a great city to live and work in. There are all kinds of things to love about living in Rochester NY. People who live here will tell you all about what they like about living in Rochester NY. For one, the weather is considered to be just perfect, not too cold and not too hot. People love living in Rochester NY so much that it is beginning to get a bit crowded. In the Census that was done in 2000, Rochester NY was reportedly the home of about 220,000 people. There were almost 89,000 households. The numbers are much larger than that now.

Rochester has three major bodies of water, which are Lake Ontario, the Erie Canal and the Genesse River. Rochester was also named as a 5 start metro area with plenty of top rate business opportunities. If you work in Rochester NY your daily commute is only an average of about 19 minutes, no matter where you live in the city.

The cost of living index in Rochester is such that makes this area an affordable area for people who want to buy a home where they can live and raise a family. In other words, Rochester NY is an affordable city to live in if you have a family. When you live in Rochester NY you’ll find all kinds of interesting things to do together as a family. There are all kinds of cultural attractions in Rochester NY.

One of the major facts that the people that live in Rochester like to brag about is the fact that this city is home to 7 well known sports teams. When you live in Rochester you’ll have access to golf and all kinds of other sports activities as well. Rochester NY has some good schools for kids to go to and if you want to continue your education, Rochester NY can be just the city to live in when you want to go to college. There is the University of Rochester and the Eastman School of Music one can go to just to name a few.

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