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span style=”color:#0e101a”>Distance

Towing long distance refers to moving vehicles over 150 miles (for non-CDL drivers) as well as over 100 miles (for CDL drivers).

When you Need the Service

Towing over long distances is a great option if you need to move your vehicle to another location. If your vehicle is damaged, it might require extended towing services, especially when the accident happened away from your home. If your car experiences a mechanical malfunction that’s not within the towing services of the local area, long-distance transportation providers are able to assist in getting your vehicle back.

Long-distance tows should not be reserved for vehicles that have been damaged. These tows can be used to transport vehicles that are that are in good shape. The services can be employed by individuals and families moving their vehicles. For vehicles with special needs like vintage vehicles that are frequently displayed at many locations, towing over long distances is an alternative.



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