Auto Brake Mistakes to Avoid – Maine’s Finest


There is no difference if you need it for your repair project or your car. It’s a risky procedure that requires careful and precise execution. This article will cover most common errors when it comes to fixing your auto brakes.

The first step is to make an inspection visually of the damaged area. Take care not to put the brakes you have purchased backwards on your wheel, as they’ll quickly be burnt by the tire’s metal and made useless. If installing brakes, they will need to align them to the tires’ top. If the pads are greased, don’t apply too much grease.

Regarding the location of your brakes make sure that the bracket for caliper isn’t incorrectly placed to the point that it is rubbing against the rotating rotor. Clean the bracket to make sure that it’s properly tightened, and won’t rattle when you drive.

If you’re interested in learning more about the auto brake repair as well as how to perform a proper installation, check out the video linked above.


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