Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves – Everlasting Memories


and you can go back and enjoy yourself. This is why they are part of the wedding day emergencies kit.
Dress weights

Dress weights should be included in your inventory of emergency products. They are especially important if you will be exchanging vows in a windy environment. Remember that dress weights do not just belong to you. Make sure you have enough to carry with you for the bridesmaids, as well as the wedding guests. Most people have outside weddings or other events and wish they brought extra dress weights. You will be able to look your best if you do not have the right weight.

The wind may be able be a threat to the wedding dress skirt. However, the same cannot be said for rehearsal dinner dresses. Fortunately, all you need to do in order to avoid disaster is attach the dress weights discretely to the hems on the interior of the skirts. They’re perfect for wedding outfits or bridesmaid gowns. They can also be considered wardrobe essentials for your wedding day. It will always be nice to know that for having them at any time they’re needed. Simply peel them off, secure, and then return to the floor to dance.

Additional Items

Include tiny items like toiletries and small things to your emergency kit in preparation to be used at the wedding. This is a list of most essential items for your wedding emergency kit that must should-haves. If you want to make sure your emergency kit is complete You can create an inventory. It is possible that you will require bobby pins and safety pins. These things can be useful at any moment. Be assured that should you require them, you’ll be grateful you prepared.

What is the best time to begin packing your Emergency Kit

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