Understanding Farm Insurance – This Week Magazine



Farm insurance is required for any secondary structure, such as barns or stables on your property. Farm policies must offer certain coverage to constructions used to support agriculture. It could also cover structures that have been repurposed for use in agriculture.

Combine harvesters, tractor, planters, cotton pickers field machines, hay rakers, as well as other agricultural equipment are all part of the package. If you employ a truck to work on farms, you may be eligible to receive a combination of commercial auto insurance and the entire farm insurance package.

Equine and horse-related animals are distinct in the sense their ability to serve a broad variety of purposes. If you use one or more horses for work, breeding, show, or pleasure these are investment assets that must be protected financially.

Liability insurance
Liability insurance is included in insurance policies for farms and ranches, just like it is in a normal home insurance policy. Due to the inherent risk the liability protection must be included in all farm insurance policies. If necessary, it covers the medical costs, personal injuries, and property damage. It may also cover for attorney fees in cases which are not covered.

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