Try These Stretches for Trigger Point Relief! – FATA Online


y pain, there are a couple different routes that you could take. There are many people who seek fast ways to relieve muscular pain. Trigger point massages are an well-known option, however there are other ways you can relieve these symptoms from the comfort of your own home. Through this instructional video we will take a look at some helpful stretches that will allow you to ease the tension from your trigger point as well as relieve knots in the muscles. Let’s get started!

This professional suggests the shoulder squeeze to be their initial option. Place your elbow on your sides, and then press the shoulders of your chest. Make sure to keep your spine straight throughout this stretch. The next step is to perform neck tucks. The process involves stretching your neck in front of you, and then shutting it down for a few seconds. This helps improve posture. The neck’s rotation is recommended. You slowly rotate your neck to complete a rotation. Be careful not to over-stress the muscles. This is a great way to relieve neck pain.


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