Three Brutal Things an Auto Accident Attorney Will Tell You About Distracted Driving – IER Mann Legal News


In reality, many governments have instituted campaigns to combat this vice that is attributable to various factors. In the event that you’re hurt during an accident, you should get the help of an attorney who handles car accidents.

The most common cause for car accidents is distracted driving. 25% to 50% of collisions are the result of motorists using phones, texting or fatigued, speaking to passengers or children as well as reading books or newspapers. If you’ve been involved in such an accident then you need to find affordable lawyers for personal injuries. Drivers under the influence the use of alcohol or other drugs can also be a major cause of accidents. For help in your situation seek out a lawyer car accidents near you. DUI is considered a criminal offense in most states which may be a major fine.

The speed of a car is among the main causes for automobile collisions. If a speeding vehicle gets into an accident, victims could die due to the crash’s impact. If you’ve been hurt, contact crash lawyers local to your location. However, it is important to look for cheap legal counsel to make sure you do not spend too much on your matter.

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