Starting Recovery With a Detox – Infomax Global

Next step is detox to remove the drug out of your system. Detox also lets your body adapt to life with no drug, potentially end the addiction. The Balancing Act is a study of the process of detox.

Do not attempt to detoxify or quit cold turkey by yourself. The discomfort of withdrawal can lead to a return to using. Detox can be dangerous which can lead to health complications like a heart attack or seizures. It’s safest to detox under the medical supervision of rehabilitation detox centers.

A few rehab centers can provide patients with medications to ease your withdrawal symptoms. However, you will need to go through withdrawal. Every person’s time to detox will vary. Many people detox in three days. Some people can take up to two weeks.

Detoxing is easier if you are able to enter counselling and work out the next step after you stop using drugs. Instead of getting drunk or excessively high, you have to manage the stress in a different way. Without counseling, you will be more prone to be a relapse. 9pw8yzl6tz.

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