Important Things to Consider When There Are 11 Weeks Left Till Due Date – My Maternity Photography

Have the springs checked and the motor tested.
Modernizing Your Plumbing

The majority of plumbing problems occur in older houses. Old houses are attractive, but you should spend some money on upgrading the plumbing. You can do this when there’s 11 weeks left to the due date. some of the things you can improve include:


Steel pipes galvanized are widely used in old houses. Galvanized steel pipes could cause internal corrosion. It could cause problem with water quality. Don’t drink water with a chemical contaminant if you are pregnant. This is why your piping needs to be checked as well as updated.


A different plumbing improvement you need to take into consideration in the home you’ve lived in for a while is to upgrade your toilets. There are many advantages to upgrading your toilets when there are eleven weeks to go until the when the due date is set, such as improving comfort or reducing your monthly energy bills.

Water Heating Device

Consider replacing your water heater when it’s not working. It’s not a good idea to be without water heaters when it gets cold.

Find Your Clothes washed

It is not advisable to wash your clothes when there’s still eleven weeks left before the due date. Dry cleaning is a good option. The benefits that dry-cleaning clothes offer are:

Gentle gentle care for your delicates

Dry cleaning uses high-powered chemicals to clean dust from clothes, they’re highly skilled to ensure your clothes stay gentle. Dry cleaning equipment is gentler than washing machines at home.

No Shrinkage

Do you know that wool and silk clothing shrinks when it comes into contact with water? Dry-cleaning clothes don’t shrink since it’s not subjected similar processes.


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