How to Seal Self Lamination Pouches – The Employer Store

h seal lamination pouches. The first step to sealing the pouches made of laminate is to cut the shape you want for your pouch out of the laminate sheet. Whatever cutter you desire or even a rotary cutter, can be used to cut pouches. The extra laminate from the edges. Fold it in half, after which you fold it back. Press down firmly with your fingers. You now have the beginning of a nice-looking pouch!

Apply adhesive tape on the pouch’s backside. It is recommended to use 3M brand tape, as it’s simple to peel off afterward. Also, you can use different type of tape for adhesion if you’d like. Just be sure to remove all air bubbles prior using the tape.

Tape that is applied to the inside of the pouch may stop it from getting wet while printing using water-based inkjet printers. If you’re not planning to go through this process, you are free to skip this step. If you want to print the print onto the back face of your pouch, you need to apply the tape on the sides. When you’ve completed this your pouch will then be sealed. cz3ldul2il.

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