How to Measure Asphalt Paving Jobs – The Buy Me Blog


A paving contractor will visit your home or property to determine the surface prior to sealing or paver your driveway. Measuring the area that needs to be sealed or paved will enable them to determine the cost of the job and estimate the time it takes, as well as estimate the quantity of materials they’ll need to complete the job. In this tutorial we will show you how paving contractors measure the driveway or parking area.

Parking lots and driveways paver contractors use tools that are specially made to assist determine the dimensions of the site. Contractors will use the tool to calculate the amount. It comes with handles as well as the wheel. The goal is in order to calculate the total area and measure the length divided by the dimensions of the space. The measurements are taken by contractors. Calculations for irregularities, like culdesacs, will require various mathematics. These situations will be explained in the tutorial video.


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