How Overhead Garage Storage Racks Can Transform Your Space – CharmsVille

A little more storage in your garage is always a great plan, however, some have no clue of how to go about it. The YouTube video tutorial “How to Install an Overhead Garage Storage Rack Ceiling Mount Shelf” will show you how to put in additional shelves without any problems. Here’s more.

The Fleximounts overhead storage shelves are the ones purchased by the couple featured in the film. They can be put in the ceiling and do not require to be close to the wall. You can easily locate those garage beams.

You will need to first disassemble everything, and look over the model. Take a look at the instruction manual if it’s useful, but this video should also help you understand the procedure. The first step is to set up all supports. The corner supports will be set up differently from others.

For additional information on the garage racks for storage, watch the rest of the video.


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