Getting Rid of Weeds With Passive Revegetation – Madison County Library

getation comes in.

Certain areas along the bank of rivers are home to grasses which attract insects as well as bugs. They can do serious damages to sugar cane. Farmers often use herbicides to eradicate these grasses to safeguard sugarcane. Additionally, there are native plants that are invasive and will not permit anything to flourish around them like daisies like the Singapore daisy. Since this flower is sensitive to shade, the farmers have frequently planted shade trees in order to hinder its growth.

The most problematic plant that is found in this area is the climbing vine, also known as Thunbergia. The plant is atop the overhang of trees that are large which eventually cause them to fall over. Thunbergia may be controlled by the farmers who use selective herbicides as well as pruning the branches.

For areas with riparian vegetation, trees can have many advantages, including keeping the stream’s banks in good condition, preventing vegetation and providing habitat for predators to kill pests. The riparian areas are protected and protected by passive revegetation, which is low-maintenance.


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