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To provide emergency medical care and to value your interactions with animals.
Find an exotic pet specialist within your home

Specialist exotic pet experts provides primary and specialty treatment for a variety of exotic and avian species such as reptiles and exotic mammals. These specialists also offer urgent care as well as advanced techniques for diagnosis and treatment. Laparoscopy, Endoscopy, modern surgeries, and imaging are all part of the practice. They’re highly qualified as well-versed in providing crucial and emergency care services. To provide advanced treatments for surgical and medically exotic animals, exotic veterinarian specialists collaborate with department members from the vet center.

The practice of a surgeon can be diverse.

The 24 hour vet centre offers treatment options that are holistic and specific to your pet. It collaborates with an experienced team of vets who are skilled with various procedures. There are numerous options in animal surgical procedures. Like, for instance cataract eye surgery can be an effective method to treat cataracts in pets. At present, there is any medically proven preventive or medical treatments for cataracts. Successful cataract surgery can improve the life expectancy of your pet. Factors the vet will consider when recommending surgery is the dog’s general health in terms of age, condition, and age of their eyes. What is the best way to eliminate the cataract is a decision both you and your veterinarian will decide together. Be aware that cataract surgery can be difficult. The vet must ensure the animal is in good health and that there’s nothing that might hinder the effectiveness in the process.

Keyhole Surgery

This process is also known by the name of laparoscopic surgery. The veterinarian makes multiple incisions , so that instruments or cameras are inserted through the skin of the animal. This is significantly more painless and less invasive over more elaborate surgical procedures. This method is perfect to spay female animals and for neutering


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