What is Suboxone Used For? – Alabama Wild Man

A loved one. Andrew Kim MD, explains the treatment for suboxone. The doctor also shows how the medication works to combat the severe recovery from addiction. Suboxone is a medication prescribed by a doctor that is a combination medication composed of buprenorphine and Naloxone.

Buprenorphine, which is a partial opioid is a substance that does not effectively activate opioid receptors unlike full opioids, such as the morphine. Instead, it blocks opioid receptors from attaching fully to undesired substances. The doctor. Kim describes it a much like a magnetic stick and mentions this is the main ingredient of Suboxone. Naloxone is usually an inactive ingredient in the fact that it does NOT directly affect the individual using it, however it will stop the user from burning and entering the bloodstream injecting Suboxone to get a high.

Suboxone is the most popular choice as a detox drug, which allows the body to feel some of the more pleasant effects of opioids , without experiencing the complete “crash” which can occur from withdrawal. Suboxone is often also utilized to prevent relapse as a maintenance drug which reduces cravings for the course of several months.


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