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What Are Niche Retirement Communities?

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Why are teaching postal workers living together in senior housing communities? Niche housing communities are rapidly sweeping across the U.S. In other words, seniors now have the option of living with or nearby other seniors who share their passions, interest, or experiences. “These communities, which attract aging intellectuals and self-improvers, have grown from almost none 15 years ago to around 50,” The Wall Street Journal reports. What are some of the most popular — and off-the-wall — senior living communities or senior living apartments?

Zen Independent Living Solutions Promote Overall Wellness

Americans of all ages are becoming increasingly aware of the nation’s obesity epidemic and overall health problems. Seniors who want to make positive changes can look into senior living costs In retirement communities that promote overall wellness. “Retirees take advantage of the gym, which is stocked with Keiser athletic machines designed for elite athletes but well-suited for seniors, a full-service spa, three health-conscious gourmet restaurants, organic herb garden, indoor golf range, putting green, outdoor walking trails, swimming pool with electronic lifts, and onsite physical therapy,” The Chicago Tribune says of one such community.

Peace, Man: The 60s Are Still Going Strong!

What is another popular niche housing option? More seniors are choosing to get back in touch with nature in 60s-inspired retirement communities. Housing options apartments in these communities are relatively simple and located in the midst nature. Seniors and these communities, according to USA Today, generally live in cabins, listen to music, and enjoy nature.

Mail Carriers Retire Together

Some niche retirement options require residents or applicants to have years of experience working as a mail carrier or a postal worker. Other than requiring residents to have experience in this particular field, however, the community is relatively normal. Seniors play golf, garden, and other common activities.

Retirement options are growing, and senior living costs becoming truly competitive. Today seniors can choose from a number of different, independent living options, including a wide range of niche retirement communities. Learn more.

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