Utah law enforcement faces hiring struggles – Sky Business News

Being able to keep a full-time staff on the job isn’t an easy task.

Recruitment strategies have become more innovative. Though a county program was put in place to permit people as young as 19 years old to be recruited however, the process of hiring is hard.

A few of the challenges are finding qualified candidates, and helping them get over fears of death threats, and conflicting wage battles among agencies. For better salaries, some agencies recruit officers from a different county, making the present county more staff-constrained. Many agencies cannot afford spend more money than they have to. This is why in some Utah counties , police officers might earn more money working as fast-food employees than law enforcement.

The counties are also searching for that ideal candidates. Each day on the job will be unique, and there are diverse challenges. Candidates must be an appropriate age, have passed an alcohol test, and pass the other skills and physical exams that are given. When they are hired, applicants must attend several training sessions at counties training centers. They must pass these classes by applicants to work with the public. 2bylljx4h7.

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