The Cost of Metal Roofing – Las Vegas Home


ecoming an increasingly popular option as a choice for commercial and residential property. They’re incredibly durable and last for a long time. They’re not requiring a lot of maintenance. They’re more expensive than other types of material.

It’s important to get numerous quotes from different metal roof contractors. You will be able to choose the right contractor to suit your needs. Plan your budget in advance and keep in mind that the full installation process will include an shingle tear-off in order for removal of the previous roof and deck repairs if needed or a synthetic sublayment.

They receive a quotation for an exposed fastener panel called r-panel in their initial quote. The house they are looking at is with a roof size of 3000 square. feet for this particular example. Costs for the rpanel vary between $3.75 to $4.05/square foot. This means that the price will range between $12,150 and $11,250.

Another option is an SMI 1.5″ Snaplock 450 panel which is priced at $5.28 between $5.28 and $7.45. This is considerably greater than the original, sitting between $15,850 to $22,350. To learn more about the different roof costs and the best way to estimate your own, check out this video below.


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