Should I Fix My Roof or Pay Off My Debt? – Vacuum Storage

first. It could become more severe when more leaks start to appear. It is also possible for mold to grow on carpets. The next thing you know you’ve got a serious problem. It is for this reason that you need to make contact with commercial roofers as quick as you are able. In this video, can see someone arguing the best way to repair his roof or making payments on his debt.

This episode of The Ramsey Show has Jeremy calling in to complain about a roof leak. The leak was not on the roof of the porch however, it was present. The roof is way too old and prone to collapse. On the other hand, Jeremy also has a amount of debt which he wants to be able to pay back because the interest rate is extremely high.

Dave recommends Jeremy to first fix the roof first because it will not cost a lot. Additionally, it could be worse if it were to collapse and they don’t have the money to fix the roof. Jeremy will make every effort to repay the loan as quickly as possible so it doesn’t become a burden to the bank.


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