Replacing Your Garage Door Spring – ANTIQUE MARKETPLACE

spring diameter. You can even disconnect the springs and simply let your garage door come down on a bathroom scale. Easy, right?

To release all tension from the springs, open the garage door fully. This is the best way to secure the door. It’s time to remove the springs and if not done, the door will fall shut creating more trouble. You can use vice grips on the tracks beneath the door to accomplish this. Unplug your opener.

Then, pull off the S-hook that is in the angle bracket slotted in and mark its location as a future reference. Take the spring pulley off. To make sure you are not omitting how to arrange it, connect the pully to the cable.

The other end must be removed from the spring, then unhook from the safety cable that is at the top of the mechanism. Then, feed it through the spring to take it out.

The safety cable should be fed through the springs. The spring should be connected to the anchor bar in the rear then reattach the S-hook to the angle bracket with slotted slots. Attach the pulley to an anchor bar on the back, and make sure that the cables aren’t tangled.

After you’ve completed one part and you are ready to move on onto the following. For further information on the tools that can be used, take a look at the video above.


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