How are Residential Garage Doors Made? – Source and Resource

Modern houses have garage doors. It’s easy to access and shut your garage. By pressing a button, the door will be closed or opened. In this short video you’ll learn about the process by which garage doors are built.

Most residential garage doors have at least three or four panels that are able to pivot once the garage door is opened or closed. Doors start just as a piece of aluminum or steel. The importance of these materials is that they can stand up to extreme heat and cold. Paint or texture these sheets for an appealing appearance. The panels are then made by machines to the proper size. A third machine can fold the edges to make connecting joints. Plates made of metal are then attached to the back of the plates to add more support.

Next, an aluminum bar is then connected to every panel. The hollow inside of the door is then insulate. Also, a weather-seal is installed to the bottom of the door to keep weather and moisture out of the garage. The workers then add the details such as windows. They use hinges to join the panels in the process of installation.


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